About Us



Grace & Blossom is an online boutique that helps women and girls blossom their style with ease. We are a faith based business that brings positivity and God's uplifting words into our products so people are encouraged to walk in faith.

We started this business due to my love of fashion, putting outfits together, and desire to help women feel confident in what they wear. We know and understand shopping online can be questionable. Our goal is to provide quality clothes, up-to-date trends, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service that you can trust. We believe that without our AMAZING customers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

Many people have asked where the name Grace & Blossom originated. With our strong faith in the Lord, we wanted to incorporate that into our business. After all, everything that we have comes from Him and we are blessed to be a part of it. We believe that God’s grace gives us the undeserving ability to live freely with ease. As for the word Blossom, it is named after our fur baby Chloe, which is a biblical name meaning “to bloom”. During our most difficult times, she has brought joy into our lives and blossomed our home. So with the ease of God’s grace and the blossoming gift in our lives, we give you “Grace & Blossom Boutique”.

We value each of our customers and strive to put you first. As a small business, we want to get to know you all and be part of our family. If there are any concerns or questions, please feel free to message us at graceandblossom@hotmail.com. We look forward to blossoming your style and making you feel great with ease!


We welcomed our son Lucas into the world on December 2020. He is a healthy and happy baby that has given us a new meaning to life. We took a small hiatus to enjoy our new roles as parents, but Grace & Blossom Boutique is back in full swing and excited to continue serving our customers. Thank you for your patience as we spent some time enjoying our new addition to our family! 

Jessica, Paul, Lucas & Chloe too!     
"When you look good, you feel good...and then you blossom!"-Me :)